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Game-changing potential

In the second in our series of year-end interviews with investment managers about where they expect to see value in 2022, SCI caught up with CRT market veteran Seer Capital

Opportunities for investment in CRT trades from US names will increase significantly in 2022, says Terry Lanson, a portfolio manager at Seer Capital.

“We think we’ll see significant volume out of the US and also out of Europe. The programme is growing in adoption globally. It is receiving significant attention from investors and capital allocators like state pension funds. More and more capital is being allocated to the space,” he says.

Seer Capital, which manages approximately US$1bn in net assets, has been an active SRT investor since inception in 2008. Seer has grown SRT significantly in 2021 in a number of its accounts, including an SRT-focused separately managed account. This growth underlines the faith in the market and the rewards it offers.

Not only will the traditional names like JPMorgan and Citi hit the market in 2022, but also new names will, it is hoped, get involved. The addition of more tier one names would be a game-changer.

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